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Why Google Has Become an Important Part of Our Lives

Would you be so kind to let us ask you a very simple question? Yes? Okay, here it is. When was the last time you used Google for something? Was it a week ago? Probably not! Was it a day ago? Probably not! A minute ago? Once again, probably not! A few seconds ago? That’s the answer we are looking for! Internet users just love to use Google. Google is like a good friend who knows pretty much everything that there is to know about the world that we live in, which is why many people turn to it when they need to get their questions answered.

That being said, Google is here to answer all of our questions, as well as to help us no matter what the situation may be. It is safe to say that Google has replaces all the books and articles that people had to use before in order to get to the information that they were looking for. Generally speaking, Internet users are addicted to Google, and they are not sad about it at all. If you were to take Google from us, we would probably feel lost. We wouldn’t know what to do, and we wouldn’t know where to look for answers to our questions. In fact, when you think about it, the world without Google would be a pretty scary place. And now, let’s take a closer look at why Google is such an important part of our lives!


Are you dealing with a homework or assignment that you need to complete in a certain amount of time? Or maybe you just want to find the information regarding your favorite movie stars, singers, or TV show hosts? This is something that Google can help you with. You just need to type in the name of the person that you are looking for, and you will get all the information that you were looking for in just one second.


Since its inception, this video sharing website has been flooded by Internet users from all parts of our planet. Although you can access this website by typing its address directly into the address bar, typing its name into the Google search bar is usually faster. The best thing about YouTube is that it is completely free.

Worldwide News

Information regarding sports, politics, wars, and countries, as well as all the latest news that you want to know can be found in one place – Google. Google is so easy to use that it only takes a few clicks to get to the information that you are looking for. It is safe to say that without Google, our lives just wouldn’t be the same.